First Take Productions

Professional Sound Reinforcement, Digital Recording & Stage Lighting


Please note that we have not loaded all of the dates for our schedule into this calendar. We have pending contracts out with multiple festival dates and tour schedules in the works for a few bands that we provide coverage for. 

We have multiple systems and engineers available to accomodate your needs. Please call Steve @ 847-207-8647 to schedule or for inquiries. Thank you!

Sat. 1/27 1:00 PM CRAFTSMAN CAFE


Sat. 2/3 11:00 AM Polar Plunge @ BRAT STOP!

Boy's and Toy's at the Brat Stop .

Evening Show - Michael Angelo Batio with guests Angry Squirrels

Sat. 2/17 10:00 AM Hold for Todd
Mon. 2/19 7:00 PM Moishy from Lakewood @ MCC
Sun. 2/25 4:00 PM Mesamechliev Orchestras

Crowne Plaza

Sat. 3/3 12:00 PM ST BALDRICKS at The Brat Stop
Thu. 3/8 12:00 PM NEW VINYLS @ UAW HALL
Sat. 5/5 10:00 AM TNT Chicago @ BRAT STOP
Sun. 5/13 1:00 PM Hold for Ely Katz
Sun. 7/1 12:00 PM The Deciders ( Wayne Ewing)

Kief's Reef

Tue. 7/3 4:30 PM Wailing Wayne at Wauconda Fireworks
Fri. 7/13
Sun. 7/15
8:00 AM
10:00 PM
Hold possible RLB
Sat. 7/21
Sun. 7/29
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
EAA Airventure


Sat. 7/28 1:00 PM Boys and Toys

St Johns Church Festival  

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